Engine Driven Pumps | Australia

An engine driven pump is one driven by a petrol or diesel engine. For firefighter pumps, they have single piece, heavy duty closed impellers. Petrol engines available are Honda or Briggs & Stratton. Diesel engines available are Yanmar, Hatz, Kubota and Subaru Robin. To start the engine, you use a recoil cord or electric start versions with battery packs. Remote start options with solenoid start/stop are available for diesel engines. There are many Australian dealers for petrol or diesel engines for spare parts and service.

High flow/high pressure pumps for water transfer to 50m maximum head are available with exceptional priming from 8.4m.

Heavy duty trash pumps will pass compressible solids in suspension and have front mounted clean out ports. Some models have high sg cast iron impellers and volutes. They are used for construction site dewatering, waste water handling, livestock waste water disposal and solid laden mine waste pump out.

Approximate running time for the Honda petrol engines is around 2 hours for fuel tanks 2 litres and greater.

Engine drive pumps with Viton seals can be used for diesel transfer. These pumps are flanged to the engine for compact handling. Some models are self priming to 7.6m.

Engine Driven Pumps