QUESTION: How do I select between 1-, 2-, or 3-piece ball valves for 2-way service? This is a common question we are asked here at Midwest Valves. A ball valve is a type of quarter-turn valve. It uses a hollow, pivoting and perforated ball to control the flow of water, oil, or gas, or another medium. Here is what you need to know: Standard stainless steel ball valves are suitable for use for fluid temperatures
Midwest Valves & Controls provides a quotation and procurement service for valves, actuators and associated instrumentation for the repair and maintenance market in Australia. Peter Willis has been involved in the industrial valve market since 1988 and is available to handle your enquiry. We specialise in reselling Rotork® product in NSW. Valve Actuator Supply Service Rotork® Midwest Valves & Controls can supply the Rotork® range of actuators, gearboxes and precision control instruments. These are backed

Dorot Valves at Midwest Valves

Posted on January 29, 2019

Here at Midwest Valves, we are industry specialists and valve suppliers in Australia. We provide access to an array of industrial products including industrial valves and other precision products for equipment automation and control for water, diesel, oil, pneumatic systems, grease pumps, and hoses. We supply and advise on an array of products that includes most types of industrial valves and their applications. Among the many valve supply companies, we have contracts with is Dorot.
Here at Midwest Valves, we supply top-quality valve, pump, instrumentation and lubrication products throughout Australia, from a number of world-class manufacturers. From Norgren Valves to progressive cavity pumps, we have a wide array of products to suit every industrial requirement. We are delighted now to announce that we have account access to the full range of IMI Norgren Parts listed in their Express Catalogue – this represents 2,300 stocked parts that are ready for same-day
Midwest Valves & Controls is proud to announce that we are now an agent for Kingspan Rhino Tanks. Information about Rhino Water Tanks: When it comes to quality, appearance and service, I believe Kingspan Rhino Water Tanks offers the best value for money, especially when you take into account the following benefits: They conform to ISO 9001 quality standards in all of our processes from manufacturing through to warranty inspections. Kingspan Rhino’s 20 year conditional